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Product details

NEC4: The Role of the Supervisor

Bronwyn Mitchell and Barry Trebes

Price: £ 45.00

ISBN: 9780727763556
Format: Paperbound
Publish Date: 20/10/2017
Publisher: ICE Publishing
Page Size: 297x210mm
Number of Pages: 160

NEC4: The Role of the Supervisor


NEC Roles and Responsibilities is a series of books that provide a practical guide to the key roles in the NEC4 suite of contracts. Each title offers useful guidance and practical tips, and describes the technical information and behavioural traits that are needed to fulfil the role successfully.

Written by two NEC experts, NEC4: The Role of the Supervisor provides the information that every Supervisor needs to know to ensure that projects are successfully managed and delivered. The book highlights the important and valuable role that the Supervisor plays in the successful delivery of a NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) contract. NEC4: The Role of the Supervisor is an essential ‘how to’ guide for those performing the role of Supervisor on NEC4 ECC contracts, and will also support employers in choosing a suitable person to be part of the team.

Also in the series:

NEC4: The Role of the Project Manager


About the authors vii

Foreword ix

Abbreviations and other writing conventions used in this book xi

1. Introduction

1.1. Introducing the Supervisor
1.2. Role of the Supervisor: overview of the Supervisor in the ECC
1.3. Understanding the context: contract documents

2. Supervisor duties

2.1. Context: the Supervisor’s responsibilities
2.2. Supervisor responsibilities required by the ECC
2.3. Supervisor duties not explicitly required by the ECC
2.4. The benefits brought by the Supervisor

3. Prior to the starting date

3.1. The involvement of the Supervisor: introduction
3.2. On first reading of the Scope: Supervisor’s checklist
3.3. The Supervisor’s procedures

4. From the starting date to Completion

4.1. Understanding the terms: Defects
4.2. Collaborative working
4.3. Scope
4.4. Programme requirements
4.5. Key risks
4.6. Early warnings
4.7. Compensation events
4.8. Dispute resolution
4.9. Day-to-day procedures
4.10. Defects
4.11. Tests and inspections
4.12. Marking
4.13. Records
4.14. In practice

5. From Completion to the defects date
5.1. Understanding the terms
5.2. Defects before Completion
5.3. Defects after Completion
5.4. Take over
5.5. The defects date
5.6. The Defects Certificate

6. Summary

Appendix 1. Supervisor actions in the ECC: clause details
Appendix 2. Agenda for a kick-off meeting between the Supervisor and the Project Manager
Appendix 3. Supervisor check-sheet
Appendix 4. Sample site diary
Appendix 5. Supervisor notifications, instructions and certificate
Appendix 6. Checklist and reminders
Appendix 7. Quick reference guide and glossary


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