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Product details

Doing it Differently: Systems for rethinking infrastructure, 2nd edition

David Blockley, Patrick Godfrey
Unibersity of Bristol, UK

Price: £ 45.00

ISBN: 9780727760821
Format: Limp Cover
Publish Date: 20/01/2017
Publisher: ICE Publishing
Page Size: 297x210mm
Number of Pages: 184

Doing it Differently: Systems for rethinking infrastructure, 2nd edition


Doing it Differently: Systems for Rethinking Infrastructure proposes ‘systems thinking’ as a methodology to deliver change. The book sets out the theory, concepts and tools using real-life examples to persuade people to think differently rather than simply relying on specific techniques or methods for particular types of problem.

The first edition was published in 2000 to respond to the Egan Report of 1998 which called for radical change in the construction industry. With UK Government spending in the order of £200bn over the next 10 years, this book is being directly helpful to those responsible for changes in the delivery of infrastructure needs.

The second edition has been updated to reflect the current and growing realisation of the importance of infrastructure to the national economy and to manage the effects of climate change. It is organised using a simple framework to help improve systems thinking capability and shared learning. It also includes a coherent treatment of complexity in construction with new clarifications of terms such as risk, vulnerability and resilience, and more on how to use tools such as the “Italian Flag”, as well as a new treatment of high consequence, low probability events to improve resilience.

Doing it Differently: Systems for Rethinking Infrastructure

  • reflects the current and growing realisation of the importance of infrastructure to the national economy in UK and internationally including USA.
  • includes numerous practical examples and case study boxes that help to illustrate major points
  • provides the inspiration and resources to enable all infrastructure players to rethink and deliver change by doing it differently

Available in digital format: Purchase the ebook (£20) here


  • Expecting the unexpected
  • Learning our way through the future
  • Everything changes
  • Finding the leverage
  • Hardness and softness
  • Rigour through practical foresight
  • Making the most of our learning journeys
  • Delivering quality
  • Inspiring the team
  • Looking to the future
  • Infrastructure digital technology requires systems-thinking
  • Contracts informed by systems-thinking can overcome the silo effect
  • A very brief history of the gestation of systems-thinking
  • Index

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