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Product details

Hydraulics for Civil Engineers

Peter Wynn
Anglia Ruskin University, UK

Price: £ 33.00

ISBN: 9780727758453
Format: Paperbound
Publish Date: 20/05/2014
Publisher: ICE Publishing
Page Size: 246x189mm
Number of Pages: 208

Hydraulics for Civil Engineers


Hydraulics for Civil Engineers provides a thorough introduction to the principles of hydraulics and fluid mechanics. Combining core theories with the need for sustainable solutions, the book covers all the fundamental areas in hydraulics, including pressure in liquids, real flow in pipes, turbines and pumps, hydrology of surface water drainage, coastal hydraulics and hydrology of river flow. Key concepts and designs are explored using real-life scenarios with easily digestible topic summaries offered throughout each chapter.

Produced by the Institution of Civil Engineers, ICE Textbooks offer clear, concise and practical information on the major principles of civil and structural engineering. They are an indispensable companion to undergraduate audiences, providing students with:

• A comprehensive introduction to core engineering subjects
• Real-life case studies and worked examples
• Practice questions, exercises and supplementary online solutions available at:
• Key learning aims and chapter summaries
• Further reading suggestions


• Pressure in liquids: Its effects and measurements

• Conservation equations applied to flow of liquid in pipes

• Real flow in pipes

• Turbines and pumps

• Steady uniform flow in open channels

• Open channel flow with varying conditions

• Hydrology of river flow

• Hydrology of surface water drainage

• Coastal hydraulics

• Dimensional analysis

• Two dimensional ideal flow

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