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Product details

Car Park Designers' Handbook, 2nd edition

J.D. Hill, Glynn Rhodes and Steve Vollar

Price: £ 98.00

ISBN: 9780727758149
Format: Hardbound
Publish Date: 27/11/2013
Publisher: ICE Publishing
Page Size: 297x210mm
Number of Pages: 204

Car Park Designers' Handbook, 2nd edition


The Car Park Designers’ Handbook provides essential guidance on those aspects of planning and design that will enable car parks to function efficiently and economically whilst being user-friendly.

The new edition is a comprehensive reference tool which distils over 35 years of specialist knowledge and experience in car park design, repair and improvement. Featuring more than 75 scale drawings of circulation layouts, the Car Park Designers’ Handbook describes, illustrates and evaluates the relative strengths and weaknesses of each layout and explores the practical design of parking elements including stall dimensions, aisle widths, ramp slopes and headroom.

The authors offer essential advice on how to enhance traffic flow, facilitate circulation and create car parks which are as flexible as possible to fulfil the needs of a wide range of vehicles and users. The book provides updated information on key issues such as security, ventilation, lighting, drainage, signage, fiscal and barrier control. The new edition also includes:
• Guidance on optimum entry and exit locations that affect layout;
• Scale drawings that can be used as templates in the layout design process;
• Photographic examples of successful car parks designed by the authors;
• An expanded section on ‘Structure’, providing examples of the most common forms of construction;
• Advantages and disadvantages in the use of automated (robotic) car parks.

The Car Park Designers’ Handbook intends to help practising engineers, designers, architects, local authorities, parking consultants and operators to create car parks which not only meet the spatial needs of motorists, but achieve economy of construction, durability of structure and effective use of the site area.


  • Introduction
  • Design brief
  • Design elements
  • Dynamic considerations
  • Static considerations
  • Circulation design
  • Circulation layouts
  • Stairs and lifts
  • Disabled drivers and carers
  • Bicycles and motorcycles
  • Security
  • Underground and robotic parking
  • Lighting
  • Signage
  • Drainage
  • Fire escapes, safety and fire fighting
  • Fiscal and barrier control
  • Ventilation
  • Structure
  • Appearance

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