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Product details

Earthquake Design Practice for Buildings, 3rd edition

Edmund Booth

Price: £ 74.00

ISBN: 9780727757944
Format: Hardbound
Publish Date: 14/02/2014
Publisher: ICE Publishing
Page Size: 234x156mm
Number of Pages: 370

Earthquake Design Practice for Buildings, 3rd edition


Earthquake Design Practice for Buildings is an internationally applicable, practical guide for engineers to the seismic design of buildings for earthquake-resilient communities.

In its third edition, Earthquake Design Practice for Buildings continues to provide comprehensive, practical, easy to read advice on the technical issues that have to be considered in the seismic design of buildings. It has been extensively updated and expanded, with completely new material added on socio-economic factors, recent technologies for earthquake resistance, displacement-based design, assessment of liquefaction potential and new developments in the seismic-resisting design and analysis of concrete, steel, timber and masonry structures.

Outlining the principles of structural dynamics applicable to seismic analysis and presenting the fundamentally important issue of conceptual design for satisfactory seismic performance, the reader is enabled to understand and analyse the way in which an earthquake stresses a building, choose structural forms and materials to cope with these stresses and translate this into practical, affordable, attractive spaces that can survive a very severe earthquake and remain operational following less severe seismic events.

Earthquake Design Practice for Buildings:
• Discusses the design of foundations and issues specific to seismic design of concrete, steel, masonry and timber buildings and their contents, explaining principles that can be applied to other structural materials 
• Details developments in assessing and strengthening seismic resistance of existing structures which, without adequate seismic resistance, pose a huge safety and economic threat 
• Is internationally applicable, explaining the science and engineering underpinning national codes 
• Draws on the lessons that can be learnt from the way buildings have performed in past earthquakes, including recent events in Haiti, Christchurch (New Zealand) and Japan 
• Considers the threat to human activity from earthquakes and the strategies employed to mitigate this

Written by a practising structural engineer, Earthquake Design Practice for Buildings provides a practical introduction to seismic engineering for engineers designing and analyzing earthquake resistant structures; it is also aimed at researchers and at advanced engineering students with a previous knowledge of structural design.


Introduction to third edition
1. The Nature of earthquake risk

2. Earthquake hazard

3. The calculation of structural response

4. Analysis of soils and soil-structure interaction

5. Initial planning considerations

6. Seismic codes of practice

7. Foundations

8. Reinforced concrete design

9. Steelwork design

10. Masonry

11. Timber

12. Building contents

13. Seismic isolation

14. Assessment and strengthening of existing buildings


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