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Product details

Shock Transmission Units in Construction

Dinesh J. Patel

Price: £ 66.00

ISBN: 9780727757135
Format: Hardbound
Publish Date: 17/10/2013
Publisher: ICE Publishing
Page Size: 246x189mm
Number of Pages: 226

Shock Transmission Units in Construction


Recent earthquakes around the world have confirmed the potential for a large seismic event to cause unprecedented levels of destruction. Shock transmission units (STUs) have been used in several projects as one of the most effective instruments in preventing widespread damage from seismic activities and structural movement. Shock Transmission Units in Construction is the first book to explore the procurement, selection, testing, installation and maintenance processes of STUs, as well as technological developments in the field of seismic protection.

This book covers the use of STUs as both a preventative measure, fitted to a structure before a seismic occurrence, and as a seismic protection system, retrofitted to prevent further damage. Drawing on his experiences of supervising the construction of the first bridges in India and the Philippines to use STUs, Dinesh Patel explores the application of STUs on a number of different projects, including new and existing highway and rail bridges, suspension and cable stayed bridges, buildings, structures, nuclear power plants and pipelines.

Shock Transmission Units in Construction contains case studies, photographs and illustrative diagrams to provide a clear guide to the application of STUs in numerous construction projects, as well as:
A thorough introduction to this widely-practiced, but still little understood engineering practice, challenging critics by demonstrating the benefits and reliability of STUs in various contexts.
A study of current STU brands and manufacturers, and the ways in which different types of STUs have been used in existing projects.
Examples of STU application in India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Denmark, Rome, Italy, UK, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Laos, Indonesia, Canada, USA and the UK.
An analysis of the cost efficiency of retro-fitting practices.

Shock Transmission Units in Construction aims to provide best practice guidance in helping both new and experienced engineers to select the most appropriate STU for construction projects, thus ensuring that they are used to their full potential. It is hoped that this will lead to more varied usage and the development of innovative STU derivatives for application in future projects.




About the author

1. Evolution of shock transmission units (STUs)

2. Seismic protection systems

3. Shock transmission units and their applications

4. STUs for new highway bridges

5. STUs for existing highway bridges

6. STUs for new and existing railway bridges

7. STUs for cable-stayed and suspension bridges

8. STUs for buildings

9. The snubber a special type of STU for nuclear power plants and pipelines

10. Miscellaneous applications of STUs

11. Installation of STUs on structures

12. Cost-effectiveness of STUs

13. Load testing of STUs

14. Inspection and maintenance of STUs

15. Design guidelines for procurement and selection of STUs

16. Derivatives of STUs

17. STUs in conjunction with other seismic-protection devices

Appendix 1 - Manufacturers of STUs

Appendix 2 - Laboratories for testing STUd


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