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Product details

UK Specification for Ground Investigation, 2nd edition

Site Investigation Steering Group

Price: £ 68.00

ISBN: 9780727735065
Format: Paperbound
Publish Date: 23/11/2011
Publisher: ICE Publishing
Page Size: 297x210
Number of Pages: 322

UK Specification for Ground Investigation, 2nd edition


A new addition to the bestselling Site Investigation in Construction series.

UK Specification for Ground Investigation provides best practice guidance for designing and executing good-quality site investigation to help reduce increases in time and costs, to construction professionals and clients, from unexpected ground conditions during construction.

Endorsed by the Highways Agency, Environment Agency, British Waterways and Network Rail, UK Specification for Ground Investigation is applicable to all ground investigation work. Revised in line with the many advances and regulatory changes affecting ground investigation, particularly in respect of contaminated ground and dealing with waste materials, the Specification has an increased number of sub-clauses to reflect the requirement for many investigations to use combinations of methods and varying sampling techniques.

An enhanced e-book is available from ICE Virtual Library.

UK Specification for Ground Investigation:
• can be used for contracts of any size, with any form of contract and method of measurement 
• meets current standards and complies with established good practice 
• includes associated Schedules and a Bill of Quantities, drafted to be compatible with the Specification 
• can be modified for a specific investigation; the Schedules provide for modifications to the Specification 
• includes Notes for Guidance alongside each clause.

UK Specification for Ground Investigation is an essential document for all ground practitioners involved in ground investigation, including geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists, environmental scientists and archaeologists, as well as specialists in other disciplines involved in specific investigations.

This is the second book published in the bestselling Site Investigation in Construction series. Also available: Effective Site Investigation.


Foreword and essential reading


Specification and notes for guidance
1. Information
2. Definitions
3. General requirements
4. Percussion boring
5. Rotary drilling
6. Pitting and trenching
7. Sampling and mentoring during intrusive investigation
8. Probing and cone penetrating testing
9. Geophysical testing
10. In situ testing
11. Instrumentation
12. Installation monitoring and sampling
13. Daily records
14. Geotechnical laboratory testing
15. Geoenvironmental laboratory testing
16. Reporting
17. References and bibliography
Appendix I. Groundwater standpipes and piezometers
Appendix II. Ground gas monitoring standpipe

Schedules (for completion) and Notes for Guidance
Schedule 1. Information and site specific requirements
Schedule 2. Exploratory holes
Schedule 3. Investigation Supervisor’s facilities
Schedule 4. Specification amendments
Schedule 5. Specification additions
Notes for Guidance

Notes for Guidance



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