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Product details

Applications of Nanotechnology in Concrete Design

Professor Ravindra K Dhir, Dr Moray D Newlands, Dr Laszlo J Csetenyi

Price: £ 74.00

ISBN: 9780727734082
Format: Hardbound
Publish Date: 28/07/2005
Publisher: Thomas Telford Ltd
Page Size: 234x156mm
Number of Pages: 142

Applications of Nanotechnology in Concrete Design


Concrete is at something of a crossroads: there are many opportunities and some threats.  For those opportunities to change into beneficial practice, engineers, material scientists, architects manufacturers and suppliers  must focus on the changes that are required to champion concrete and maintain its dominance within the global construction industry.

The Concrete Technology Unit (CTU) of the University of Dundee organised this Congress to address these changes, under the theme Global Construction: Ultimate Concrete Opportunities 5-7 July 2005.

The three-day International Congress consisted of ten Events:

Applications of Nanotechnology in Concrete Design forms the proceeding of Event 8 and deals with such issues as techniques, instrumentation and materials and theoretical modelling and applications 

About the Authors:

Professor Ravindra K Dhir is founding Director of the Concrete Technology Unit (CTU) at the University of Dundee.  A renowned practitioner in the field of concrete technology, he is a member of numerous national and international technical committees and has published extensively on many aspects of concrete technology, cement science, durability and construction methods. 

Dr Moray D Newlands is CPD/Consultancy Manager in the Concrete Technology Unit (CTU) at the University of Dundee. He is involved in transferring technology to the concrete construction industry at a national and international level and his research interests include carbonation of concrete, plastic and autogenous shrinkage of cementitious systems and engineering properties of blended cement concretes.

Dr Laszlo J Csetenyi is a Research Fellow in the Concrete Technology Unit (CTU) at the University of Dundee. He has gained extensive research experience in cementation of nuclear and hazardous wastes as well as in practical use of secondary materials and industrial by-products in construction. He has studied these areas both by direct assessment and computer modelling. Most recently, his work has focused on development of complex cementitious systems benefiting from improved interactions at the submicron level.


  • Preface 
  • Introduction
  • Organising Committee
  • Scientific and Technical Committee
  • Collaborating Institutions
  • Sponsoring Organisations with Exhibition
  • Exhibiting Organisations
  • Supporting Institutions
  • Opening paper


Keynote Paper

  • Micro-Damage Characterisation of Concrete Structures Based on Acoustic Emission 
  • Scanning Probe Microscopy Techniques for the Study of Cementitious Materials as Nanoscale: Current Status and Challenges Ahead 
  • Overview of Concrete Modelling 
  • Size Effect in Nanoindentation of Cement Paste 
  • Influence of Nano-Sized Mineral Additions on Performance of SCC


Keynote Paper

  • Multi-Scale Modelling in Engineering Practice and Materials Research - A Vehicle for Progress 
  • Creating Bio-mimetic Microstructures in Cement -A Preliminary Study 
  • Effects of Nanosilica Additions on Cement Pastes 
  • Nanostructural Superplasticizers for In-Lining Concrete in Underground Projects
  • Theory of the Stress-Strain Relationship of Concrete and Steel
  • Closing Paper
  • Index of Authors
  • Subject Index

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