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Product details

Piers, Jetties and Related Structures Exposed to Waves - Guidelines for Hydraulic Loading

Kirsty McConnell, William Allsop and Ian Cruickshank

Price: £ 68.00

ISBN: 9780727732651
Format: Paperbound
Publish Date: 06/08/2004
Publisher: Thomas Telford Ltd
Page Size: 297x210mm
Number of Pages: 168

Piers, Jetties and Related Structures Exposed to Waves - Guidelines for Hydraulic Loading


Jetties, piers and other marine structures constructed in exposed locations require careful assessment of their hydraulic loads. Increasingly trade economics are leading to larger ship sizes and existing and new port locations for these vessels require longer jetties in significantly deeper water. In these instances construction of protective breakwaters becomes substantially more expensive, so in some cases jetties or their approach trestles are being constructed in exposed locations without breakwater protection. These guidelines will help maritime designers to optimise jetty designs, and are an essential reference resource.

Key coverage
• Guidance on hydraulic design, including design wave conditions, prediction of scour and vessel mooring loads
• New methods (developed from extensive laboratory testing) for the prediction of wave loading, including forces on the underside of jetty decks.

This book provides new guidance on design principles and design wave loads for exposed jetty structures where guidance has not previously been available.



• Definitions of exposed jetties, typical locations and exposures

• Aspects of design

• Wave forces on vertical elements

• Wave forces on horizontal elements

• Berthing and mooring loads

• Scour

• Other design and construction issues


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