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Current and Future Trends in Bridge Design, Construction and Maintenance 2: Safety, Economy, Sustainability and Aesthetics

Institution of Civil Engineers, Highways Agency and International Association for Bridge Maintenance and Safety

Price: £ 118.00

ISBN: 9780727730916
Format: Hardbound
Publish Date: 14/12/2001
Publisher: Thomas Telford Ltd
Page Size: 234x156mm
Number of Pages: 576

Current and Future Trends in Bridge Design, Construction and Maintenance 2: Safety, Economy, Sustainability and Aesthetics


The Institution of Civil Engineers has organised a series of conferences to celebrate, at the start of the New Millennium, the enormous achievements made in the field of bridge engineering in recent years.

This volume of papers from the second of these conferences, held in Hong Kong, encompasses the state-of-the-art in bridge design, construction, maintenance and safety assessment. It includes papers on major bridge schemes, both completed and under construction, and on innovative approaches used in various parts of the world. It also looks at local and regional projects and bridge related issues.

The wealth of information contained in this publication will be of interest to bridge consultants and contractors, practising engineers, researchers and bridge owners, both local and international.


Section 1: Plenary papers
• Bridge management in Hong Kong: the selection of appriate techniques
• Maintenance strategies for bridge stocks: Cost-reliability interaction
• Strategies for the management of post-tensioned concrete bridges
• Stonecutters bridge design competition - aesthetic consideration
• Long term fatigue behaviour of steel girders with welded attachments under highway variable amplitude loading
• A landmark structure over the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts
• Optimal scheduling for bridges based on life-cycle evaluation

Section 2: Design and construction
• The hot dip galvanized wires for bridge cables
• Genoa Harbour crossing
• The planning and design of viaduct construction in Route 9 between Tsing Yi and Cheung Sha Wan
• Recent achievements in Polish bridge engineering
• The bridge on the Wadi Kuf Valley - Libya. Rehabilitation and maintenance project
• Metsovitikos Bridge - a towerless suspension bridge
• KCRC West Rail Viaducts - design development
• The alternative design of the west rail viaducts
• Construction of KCRC's West rail viaducts
• Construction of a steel girder bridge rigidly connected to concrete piers with perfobond plates
• Twinning of Jindo Grand Bridge, Republic of Korea
• The design of the stonecutters bridge, Hong kong

Section 3: Maintenance practice
• Safety and performance of an active load control system for bridges
• Replacement of steel and composite bridges under traffic
• Reconstruction of the Lions Gate Bridge
• Kingston Bridge phase 1 Strengthening
• Acoustic emission - a tool for bridge assessment and monitoring
• The strengthening and refurbishment of Westfield Pill Bridge, Pembrokeshire
• Monitoring system for fatigue crack propagation by image analysis
• Health monitoring system for bridge structures based on continuous stress measurement
• Bridge inspection in steel road bridge based on real measurement
• Installation of advance warning system at highway structures which are susceptible to flooding
• Rehabilitation of Tsing Yi South Bridge, Hong Kong
• Post tentioning of steel beam using high strength steel plate
• Vibration induced fatigue of overhead sign structures on elevated highway bridges

Section 4: Design and theory
• Design for durability - a maintenance engineer's viewpoint
• Review of design thermal loading for steel bridges in Hong Kong
• Desision support system for bridge aesthetic design using immune system

Section 5: Management
• Optimum maintenance strategies for trunk road bridges in England and Italy
• Inspection and maintenance of Hong Kong's long span bridges
• How effective is bridge posting in enhancing reliability?
• Life cycle cost of post-tension T-section girder bridges
• West Rail Viaducts - an overview
• Life cycle cost analysis of bridge where the real options are considered
• Safety management of highway structures
• Staged investigations of bridges
• Verification of girder distribution factors and dynamic load factors by field testing
• Seismic retrofitting of bridges in New York

Section 6: Assesment
• Current and future trends in heavy haulage bridge assessment process
• The use of reliability-based assessment techniques for bridge management
• Assessment of fatigue damage int he Tsing MA Bridge under traffic loadings by finite element method
• Some outcomes from load testing of small span bridges in Western Australia
• Sensitivity of steel bridge fatigue life estimates to fatigue crack modelling

Section 7: Research
• Full strength joints for precast reinforced concrete units in bridge decks
• Vibration and impact studies of multi-girder steel bridge in laborator
• Fundamental study on application of carbon fiber reinforced polymer strips to a notched steel member
• Three dimensional modelling of masonry arch bridges
• Full scale testing of high performance concrete bridge beams with in-situ slabs
• Categorizaton of damaged locations on concrete bridge structures by neutral network
• A qualitative and quantitative comparative study of seismic design requirements in bridge design codes

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