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Product details

Effective Training for Civil Engineers, 2nd edition

H Macdonald Steels, Institution of Civil Engineers

Price: £ 27.00

ISBN: 9780727727091
Format: Paperbound
Publish Date: 01/02/1999
Publisher: Thomas Telford Ltd
Page Size: 216x138mm
Number of Pages: 128

Effective Training for Civil Engineers, 2nd edition


The demand for a second edition of this highly practical book proves that there remains a need for answers to the most frequently asked questions by trainees and their mentors throughout the construction industry, which still seems reluctant to train employees for any role apart from the one originally envisaged for them. Constant restructuring and training to meet ever-changing challenges require vision and commitment from top management.

Effective Training for Civil Engineers looks at training, not from the conventional angle covered by most textbooks, but from the perspective of creating a working environment where staff are willing to take risks, change is valued and learning is continuous. The author explores methods by which `on-the-job` training, or learning by experience can be made more efficient and effective. He covers all aspects of the training of civil engineers from formal education to a professional qualification through the upgraded ICE Reviews.

Effective Training for Civil Engineers is fully compatible with the new standards set by the implementation of The Recommendations of the Future Framework Presidential Commission and the Engineering Council`s new Standards & Route to Registration (SARTOR`97). This second edition covers all the recent changes in both the training process and qualification criteria for professional civil engineers and will prove an invaluable resource.

The author Mac Steels has been involved in graduate training since 1963 and technician training since 1970, becoming the Institution of Civil Engineers` Regional Training Officer ten years ago. The advice and guidance offered within this book are based on his years of experience with helping to resolve the problems faced by some 250 organisations, operating in every aspect of the profession.


• The construction industry - the training environment

• The educational system

• Why do I need training and why is it best done under a Training Agreement?

• How do I choose an employer for training?

• How do I draw full benefit from the opportunities provided?

• Why is there so much emphasis on Quarterly Reports?

• How should I monitor my training?

• How can I comply with the requirement for Continuing Professional Development?

• How will I know when I am a competent engineer?

• But what do I actually have to DO to become professionally qualified?

• What is the purpose of the Professional Reviews?

• What is my role as the Supervising Civil Engineer?

• What is my role as the Delegated Engineer?

• How can this organisation assist its trainees in the transition from education to training?

• How should we respond to Quarterly Reports?

• What should be covered in an Annual Appraisal and the Training Review?

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